Protect Voter Privacy

As of July 28, 2022, a change occurred and old voter registration information from April 2021 is now available publicly, opening the door for increased voter intimidation and violating our right to privacy.

Candidates, organizations, political parties, and even the general public already had access to voting information, but, to protect voter privacy and community safety, required entities to submit their own information in order to retrieve that data. New Mexico state law requires that voter registration data only be “used for governmental or election and election campaign purposes” yet a third-party, public website has no way to vet the requests nor regulate the use or abuse of that data.

Luckily, this decision by a New Mexico Judge is not the final word. This violation of privacy goes beyond political parties. Add your name and voice your disdain for this violation of privacy.

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Protect Voter Privacy Now

New Mexicans deserve a right to privacy of their voter registration information and demand that information only be accessible through vetted and trackable processes. 
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